Carrosserie - Auto Bodywork


To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to repair damaged mechanical parts; to realign automobile frames and chassis; to weld and repair plastics; to estimate the cost of repairs; to do painting and touch-ups; to apply paint and finishes.

Vocational Studies Diploma (VSD)
Diplôme d’études professionnelles (DEP)

About 13 months (1,650 hours)


  • benefits from a partnership with a chain of specialized workshops;
  • teaching adapted to work environment situations;
  • access to modern equipment;
  • day or evening classes.

Admission requirements

Prerequisite: be at least 16 years old (as of September 30).

  • High school diploma (DES) or equivalent or equivalent vocational diploma (VSD).
  • or secondary IV mathematics, French and English (or equivalent).
  • or have passed secondary level equivalence tests (TENS). Or be 18 years of age and have passed the General Development Test (GDT) and meet specific program prerequisites.

Training site

Centre de formation professionnelle de Verdun

3010, bd Gaétan-Laberge
H4G 3C1
  • Program descriptionHours
  • Determine their suitability for the trade and the training process30
  • Apply occupational health and safety concepts in a body shop15
  • Interpret plans and draw patterns30
  • Do general body-shop work60
  • Explain the construction features of motor vehicles30
  • Weld and cut metals, using the oxytacetylene and plasma-arc processes45
  • Make replacement parts90
  • Repair dented panels75
  • MIG-weld and spot-weld different metals75
  • Repair electric circuits45
  • Repair, replace and reinstall accessories and mechanical and electrical components60
  • Weld and bond plastics30
  • Replace and repair windows, windshields, and interior and exterior trim45
  • Repair holes and tears in fiberglass panels45
  • Repair dented panels with plastic and lead60
  • Prepare a vehicle for painting120
  • Match paint colours60
  • Paint vehicles120
  • Prepare a vehicle for delivery30
  • Replace removable body parts60
  • Replace, remove and reinstall mechanical parts105
  • Remove and install cooling and air conditioning systems30
  • Repair perforated, torn and collision-damaged steel or aluminum panels75
  • Measure and check vehicle frames and chassis45
  • Repair welded structural components120
  • Use job-search techniques15
  • Enter the work force75
  •  Total : 1650